Just one day after Hydro One managed to restore power to all 35,000 homes affected by the weekend's fire, a second fire broke out at the same hydro station last night. The flames broke out at 7:45 PM yesterday, the result of an electrical malfunction.

The first incident, described as an explosion, happened at around 1:00 AM on Saturday, at the Finch Transmission Station near Finch Avenue and Highway 400. 

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Residents in the surrounding neighbourhoods, in the Steeles Avenue W., Keele Street, Highway 401 and Kipling Avenue areas, immediately lost power. As soon as the flames were put out, Hydro One began the long process of restoring power to thousands of customers at a time. 

Crews worked around the clock on Saturday, and finally managed to get everyone back on the grid by Sunday. But, crews were right back to work the next day, putting out a blaze in a hydro vault at Finch Avenue West and Signet Drive.

Last night, 14 fire trucks were called to the scene and managed to put out the two-alarm blaze quickly. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, and no power outages were reported this time around.

Fire Captain David Eckerman told CBC that they were able to throw water on last night's blaze "almost immediately. "It was a more standard fire we might find in a structure," says Eckerman. Toronto Hydro had already rerouted power in the area, preventing outages as a result of the fire.

Source: CBC


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