A truck carrying frozen yogurt crashed on Canada's busiest highway, the 401 this morning. 

The crash took place at 3:30 AM near Morningside when the driver crashed into an electric road sign. 

The crash resulted in yogurt, no longer frozen and continuing to melt in the heat, spilling everywhere after the entire right side panel of the truck was ripped off. 

The yogurt spilled onto multiple lanes of the highway and while some lanes were open after the crash, drivers in those lanes had to swerve around stray yogurt cups on the road. 

OPP cautioned drivers to be careful and confirmed that the mess was both slippery and also smelly. 

Some lanes have since been cleaned up and are open again but the right lanes of the westbound express were still closed since they are unable to remove the transport truck. 

Given that a whole side of the truck is missing, OPP are concerned about the structural integrity of the vehicle and don't want to cause any other safety issues. 

A 25-year-old from Brampton who was driving the truck has been charged with careless driving in the crash. Thankfully no one was injured, just a mess of fro-yo was left behind. 

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