This article was originally published on March 30. 

In a bizarre car crash last night, a herd of cows got loose on highway 401 last night and wreaked havoc for drivers. Around 11:35 PM, the OPP reported that there had been a collision involving a cattle carrier truck and as a result, a number of the cows had escaped from the truck and began roaming the highway. 

The collision happened in the westbound express lanes, near Hurontario. The truck driver reportedly hit a guard rail, causing the trailer on his truck to split open along one side. He ended up being transported to the hospital by paramedics with moderate injuries. That was only half of the problem though. On top of a big truck blocking traffic, in the collision the cows he was hauling managed to escape. 

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About one dozen of the cows were able to get out of the truck after the crash and began roaming the 401, which is Canada's biggest and busiest highway. OPP had to shut down the express lanes in both directions, as they worked with firefighters to try and round up all the cows. Unfortunately, this took almost seven hours to accomplish, wreaking havoc for drivers both last night and well into this morning. 

OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt reported the crash on his Twitter but he wasn't the only one sharing pics of the whole cow ordeal. Several other drivers who were affected by this bizarre crash took to Twitter to share their experiences. 

Drivers and reporters at the scene shared their own pictures and videos of the cows on the highway. 

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Others also expressed their complete disbelief that they were actually stranded in traffic because of a herd of cows. 

The highway has since re-opened as OPP and fire crews were able to round up the cows, but it's not all happy endings. CBC reports that unfortunately some cows were injured in the crash and had to be put down. 

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