Caribana weekend is known for its amazing music, fun and sexy outfits, plus showcasing the Caribbean community and celebrating it. 

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While the parade went off without a hitch in Exhibition Place on Saturday, the evening celebration was ruined for some. Only two hours before "Carnival Kingdom" was supposed to begin, a phone call sealed their fate of having to cancel the event. 

"Carnival Kingdom" has been operating for seven years, with their website boasting that they are "what is legendarily known as the best carnival event in modern day history." Basically, it's a big concert with dancing and celebrating, hosting various types of performers. 

The Toronto Star got in touch with one of the event coordinators, Katherine Andrews, and she shared that the City of Vaughan pulled the permits that were set in place to cancel the event. It was a choice made MP's of the area and the Vaughan mayor after some noise complaints from a previous event held at the same location 

While the city has confirmed they did revoke the permit, two letting the celebration know only two hours before start time has really set people off.

People travel across the city and province to celebrate Caribana. Finding out that the ticket you paid for and the event you were looking forward to is terrible.

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Considering the time and dedication it takes to set up and get ready for a celebration like this. Many people are now calling out the city for being racist on Twitter.

They are also upset because VELD, an EDM music festival held this weekend in Downsview Park, is also very loud and still gets to happen. 

Tickets for the event cost between $35 to $95 and organizers have promised to issue refunds to ticket holders within 72 hours. 

After all that time and money spent on an event like this, it's a real shame to see one of the biggest Caribana celebrations cancelled. Considering how many people are now angry at the City of Vaughan it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. 

Source: Toronto Star

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