A study published by Nature Geoscience, tells that a team of scientists have discovered a Molten lava river using satellite X-ray technology, flowing from Canada to Russia at 9,000 kms beneath the Earth’s surface. The stream of the liquid's temperature is similar to that of the sun and is approximately 420 km in width. It is moving more than 40 km per year - hundreds of thousands of times faster than Earth's tectonic plates. The movement is described by a lead researcher Dr.Phil Livermore,  as "an accelerating band of molten iron circling the North Pole, like the jet stream in the atmosphere." 

The finding of this jet will help scientists become more familiar with the the earth's core. With the help of the European Space Agency’s Swarm, satellites are providing the sharpest images of the molten lava river running beneath the surface like never before. Ultimately, researchers and scientists hope that with this discovery, they'll be able to figure out what it is exactly, that generates the planet's magnetic field.

Source: RT, Nature Geoscience, School of Earth and Environment. 

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