While it was uncharacteristically balmy just yesterday, Southern Ontario residents are being warned that today will bring freezing rain, snow, and the serious risk of a flash freeze. Temperatures are predicted to drop dramatically once again later in the day, so don't forget to bundle up this morning.

The Weather Network is claiming that the spotty rain showers throughout the morning will freeze back over to snow as temperatures take a dramatic nose dive back into the negatives. A freezing rain warning is also possible when the rain does shift into snowfall. Though there isn't expected to be more than a few centimeters of snow falling today.

Though the snow isn't the main concern. Schools are reportedly already canceling their buses in response to the freeze and already 200 flights are scheduled to be canceled today at Pearson airport, with other flights left on an up-to-date basis. Though Huron-Perth, Grey-Bruce and the Barrie, as well as Muskoka regions, are specifically concerned about how messy highways and roadways could get in the wake of the flash freeze. Where temperatures are slated to drop as dramatically as from 10°C degrees to 0°C.

Via The Weather Network

The DVP in specific is also an area of concern for Toronto police considering it was closed earlier this morning due to flooding caused by the warm weather melting all of the snow last night. While it did re-open at 6AM, police are concerned that the flash freeze will cause the roads to get insanely icy and dangerous.

Via TPSOperations

Unfortunately, if you were hoping the weather would get a little warmer throughout the weekend, it won't be. The colder weather will be sticking around throughout Saturday and Sunday along with some serious wind chill to go with it. So watch out for ice on your commute to and from work tonight, and don't forget to bundle up!

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