Traffic is being stopped in downtown Toronto today as protesters continue to occupy space at Bloor Street West and Bay Street. Environmental protests are currently taking place in the downtown Toronto area, blocking oncoming traffic in all directions. The protesters are chanting together about the Amazon Rainforest preservation. 

The protest started at around lunchtime today, obstructing rush hour lunchtime traffic and pedestrian walkways during the busy period.  Video shows traffic at a standstill in all directions at the intersection of Bay and Bloor as the protesters stand in the middle of the street. They are standing in a circle, holding a red ribbon and chanting. 

Cars can be heard honking as the protesters march in a circle while holding their ribbon and chanting, "If the Amazon dies, we die". While a member of the protest can be seen in the middle of a circle holding a sign which states, "Bolsonaro Global Climate Disaster". 

Through the video, one can also see that some police have arrived on the scene to help manage the situation. 

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While it is still unclear exactly what the protest is for, it is clear that it has to do with the preservation of the Amazon Rain Forest and deforestation. Many speculate that due to the sign that read, "Bolsonaro Global Climate Disaster," is also has to do with Jair Messias Bolsonaro, who is currently the president of Brazil. 

According to The GuardianBolsonaro has recently launched an assault on Amazon protection and environmental protection. He is currently in the process of transferring indigenous reserves into the agricultural industry. This will result in an increase in deforestation. 

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The protest is not the only thing that has been blocking and slowing down traffic throughout the day in the city. Toronto Police have also had to shut down some areas around the city due to falling ice as the temperature warmed today. 

*Disclaimer: Cover Photo Was Used For Illustrative Purposes Only.


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