York University is about to get a lot better looking. The Toronto campus is going to get a serious glow-up thanks to a brand new building going up on the property. 

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The university recently submitted their application for approval to the City of Toronto and their plans look amazing. 

Via York University

The new building, which will be located at Pond Road and James Gillies Street, will be a sizable 10,315 square meters and five storeys tall. It would also feature a basement level and fancy glass walls. 

What makes the building truly stunning to look at is the triangular design. Rather than going with basic square windows, the architects have opted instead for a serious of triangle windows placed along the sides of the building at seemingly random spacings. 

Of course, the building won't just be nice to look at. It will be home primarily to York University's School of Continuing Studies. Most of the above-ground floors will be used for classrooms and faculty offices for the school. 

That's not all, though. The new building will also house a cafeteria in the basement, meeting spaces, and a staff lounge on the top floor. 

Via York University

Based on York's reputation, the new building is both a blessing and a curse. While some people commenting on the project have said that the campus is truly a sight for sore eyes, and therefore desperately in need of a fancy new building, others have pointed out the never-ending construction. 

One commenter said that this new building just re-enforces the joke that York's Keele Campus is always under construction. According to them, the school has undergone at least six major construction projects in the last 10 years alone. 

Whether it's a blessing or a curse, the building is set to open in 2021. The new building will meet the demand for more space at York, especially after Doug Ford pulled the plug on their already underway Markham campus project. 

Source: Urban Toronto 

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