That message still isn't sinking in for some. Peel Regional Police (PRP) had to break up a Mississauga pizza party that was being held in the tight space of a parked car on Friday, April 17. The six men have been ticketed with failing to maintain proper social distancing.

According to Supt. Rad Rose on Friday, a community complaint prompted officers to investigate a parked vehicle.

In the car, six male residents were found having what Rose describes as a "pizza party."

"Unfortunately some members of our community are not getting the message," the officer wrote on Twitter.

"A community complaint led officers to a parked vehicle, with 6 males, different households, having a pizza party. Tickets issued for not complying with a declared order."

A photo posted alongside the message by Rose suggests each individual has been fined $880 for their troubles.

That's one damn expensive pizza.

A statement emailed to Narcity by PRP spokesperson Const. Akhil Mooken confirmed that the six males were all from different households.*

"Officers attended the area in regards to a complaint from a neighbour. Upon arrival, officers located six men, all from different households, inside of a pickup truck. They stated to police that they missed hanging out with each other so they thought they would get together and have some pizza.

"The province has ordered that there not be gatherings of five or more people and this is a clear contravention of that. All of them were issued tickets for contravening an order under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act."

While most of Ontario's residents appear to be taking social distancing advice pretty seriously, this is far from the only ticket that has been issued to GTA residents for ignoring orders in recent weeks.

Back at the start of April, a group of Torontonians were fined $880 each for drinking together outside.

In Ottawa, meanwhile, a resident was fined the same amount for walking his dog alone in a park.

And, this week, an Ontario family of four were ticketed for rollerblading together in an empty parking lot.

Other notable instances this week have seen a Toronto man ticketed for using a chin-up bar in a public park during a jog, as well as a group of Brampton residents being punished for playing a large game of cricket.

Meanwhile, while COVID-19 is taking a toll across Canada right now, Peel Region has been hit pretty hard in recent days.

This week it was revealed 76 healthcare staff across two Mississauga hospitals have contracted the virus.

*This article has been updated.

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