Public notices about Ontario's legal pot shops have been rolling out lately and the latest announcement is that another legal cannabis shop is opening on Queen Street West in Toronto. This downtown location is the fourth to be announced so far, and possibly one of the more interesting spots. 

The store is set to be called Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Honey Pot is a popular brand of cannabis and the name of several other pot stores throughout Canada but based on the different spelling it's unclear if this new shop is related to any of those. It will be located at 202 Queen Street West, which is an interesting choice for a number of reasons. 

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This used to be the home of New Era's flagship hat store in Toronto, but that closed in 2017 amid a lot of shifts in Queen Street's storefronts. The 3000 square foot space will soon be occupied again though, this time as a legal pot shop. Which could be really good or bad news for the neighbours. 

Right across the street from 202 Queen Street is a Friendly Stranger location, a cannabis culture brand that has grown in popularity over the past 25 years. The store sells pipes, vapes, and 6000 different cannabis accessories. 

The new pot shop would be good news for Friendly Stranger since it will likely drive more business to them with people looking for accessories like pipes, rolling papers, grinders, and more.

While legal pot shops are also allowed to sell some cannabis accessories, there are legal limits on how many they can have so people are likely to head across the street to Friendly Stranger if they are looking for a better variety. 

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The bad news, however, is that down the road Hunny Pot Cannabis Co could become serious competition for Friendly Stranger. When legalization first happened Friendly Stranger expressed interest in becoming a licensed retailer and said they were putting in an application in Ontario. 

Unfortunately, they didn't get one of the 25 licenses handed out in the first lottery, but there is still a possibility that they could become licensed in the future. If this happens they may have a major problem trying to operate across the street from another legal pot shop. 

The other three shops announced recently are located in Toronto, Brampton, and St. Catharines. If there are no public objections, each of these shops will open on April 1. 

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