People outside of Canada seem to have a mixed understanding of what life is truly like in the North. Some believe that Canada is a magical land where it snows all year, therefore Canadians live in igloos and only eat maple syrup. 

While that is sadly not the case, Canada does seem to have some characteristics that make it unique and somewhat hilarious. Well, here we go again because a polar bear just showed up in Newfoundland and it arrived on none other than an iceberg. 

Just as Newfoundland's famous Iceberg Festival was coming to a close, a bear was seen last night in the coastal town of St. Lunaire-Griquet. Funnily enough, members of a nearby community, Raleigh, had just celebrated the closing of the festival with a polar bear dip the same morning. 

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A resident in the town said the bear just wandered near the shoreline, by some sheds by the water. She said the bear had come ashore that evening and looked perfectly healthy, he was just sniffing around curiously. 

The bear was later seen swimming in the Atlantic Ocean (probably looking for his ride), so it is assumed that he has moved out of the area. It is actually not uncommon to see a polar bear in the province, yet typically they don't show up this late in the spring. 

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Mother nature has officially done it again, only in Canada, right? 

Source: CTV

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