Photo cred - CTV News

Toronto's tobogganing ban, which has been in place since 2011, has been gaining recent scrutiny from members of the public. The legislation involves banning sledding on certain hills around the city. Those which are deemed too dangerous to slide down.

There's different versions of this ban in place in many cities all across Canada and the United States, and each is bringing on its own level of controversy. Things came to a head this Saturday, when a group of Orangeville residents, discovering a "no tobogganing" sign at the top of Murray's Mountain, decided to stage a protest.

The city's mayor has admitted that it's pointless trying to get people to stop sledding down the more popular hills, and that the signs really just work to prevent Orangeville from being sued in case anyone gets hurt going down them. Good to cover yourself, I suppose. Citizens of Orangeville showed up to the hill in droves on Sunday to slide down it in protest.


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