On Fridays, the moon wears pink. If you take a look up at the moon on June 5-6, you should be able to catch a full "strawberry moon" in all its beauty in the Ontario sky. Although it doesn't mean it'll necessarily be as red as the delicious fruit, the moon should be visible across the province on Friday and Saturday. Weather permitting, of course.

At around 9 p.m., Toronto and Ontario residents will be able to see the fruity moon light up the night sky, depending on where you're located in the province.

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the strawberry moon actually reached its peak illumination by 3:12 p.m. on Friday.

Here in Ontario, you won't be able to see it properly until later on.

The Almanac suggests Toronto's moonrise time tonight is 9:02 p.m., so that's about when you should start keeping a real lookout.

Although The Weather Network shared a special weather statement warning of thunderstorms around the GTA this afternoon and into the evening, there should still be enough clear sky to get a great look at the annual phenomenon.

As for the rest of southern Ontario, there's always a chance that thunderstorms might literally rain on your parade but the skies are expected to be partly cloudy, according to TWN.

If you're wondering what exactly a strawberry moon is, according to the Almanac, the term actually originates from the Algonquin tribes in the eastern side of North America.

They knew it was a signal to start gathering wild strawberries that were ripe and ready.

It has many other aliases like the honey moon, the mead moon, and the rose moon. 

Traditionally, June's full moon is the last full moon of spring or the first of summer.

We've already had February's snow moon which was actually the first out of four super moons expected for 2020.

We also can't forget January's "wolf moon" as it was the first lunar eclipse of the new decade. Well, howl about that?

The Almanac has a helpful tool on their site that'll show you at what time you'll have the best chance of seeing the moon in your area. 

Fingers crossed the weather will let us see it!

Just look at those photos. Strawberry moons forever.

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