At this point if you haven't heard of former movie producer Harvey  Weinstein and the massive scandal surrounding his alleged behaviour then you must have been living on another planet for the last few months.   

But just in case you need a quick catch up the former Hollywood bigwig is being accused by multiple women of crimes ranging from sexual assault to rape. 

Revelations of Weinstein's alleged behaviour sparked the now infamous #MeToo movement.  

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The story now even has a Toronto connection, one that the animated movie giant Disney is allegedly trying to hide. That's right, Disney.   

A Toronto actress and model, known only as 'Jane Doe' is part of a for $14 million lawsuit against Weinstein and Disney.   

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Doe alleges that Weinstein assaulted her in the year 2000 and that Disney should be held partially responsible for his behaviour. 

At the time of the alleged assault Disney owned Weinstein's Miramax film company.  

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Now the family friendly movie company is trying to get a Toronto court to seal all the documents relating to the lawsuit.   

If the court agrees with Disney the public will not know all the details of the case.  

Disney says that while it owned Miramax film company it was not aware of Weinstein's alleged behaviour and should not be held in any way responsible.    

Source: Toronto Star

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