A little bit of mayhem broke out on the streets of Toronto this week after a local cyclist took a page out of the Canadian handbook while confronting a negligent motorist. The cyclist was stuck behind the driver who was unwittingly stalling at a green light. The cyclist gently tapped the car to notify the driver.

Unfortunately, the cautionary gesture rubbed the driver the wrong way. In the video, you can see the cyclist have a few choice words with the oblivious driver and attempt to carry on with his day. However, the driver immediately starts to follow him.

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Eventually, after realizing that the driver is now tailing him, the biker stops and the ensuing confrontation between the two is all kinds of cringe. The cyclist remains calm at first, as he again, in the most Canadian way possible, informs the seemingly aloof driver that he was merely notifying him that the lights had changed.

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From there, the situation dissolves into a heated confrontation as the now frustrated cyclist lectures the man in the car, who still appears to have zero-grasp on what he did wrong. That being his lack of ability to keep his eyes on the road.

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From the looks of the Reddit comment section of the video, it wasn't the only altercation cyclists and drivers have gotten into recently. "People are pretty possessive about their cars," one Redditor writes, "I tapped on a guy's car (a Cavalier, for Christ's sake) who stopped in the bike lane to use his phone, and he chased me down, stopped across the bike lane, and chewed me out for touching his car."

Now, usually, I don’t pick sides in the whole cyclists vs. motorists quarrel, but if I did, I would have to give this one to the cyclists.

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