Driving in the city requires a great deal of focus yet thousands of Toronto drivers get busted for careless driving every year. A dashcam video recently captured the terrifying moment a vehicle plowed through an intersection, destroyed a streetlamp, and nearly totalled a house in Richmond Hill.

York Regional Police said the driver in the clip was a 70-year-old woman, who caused the accident after she confused her gas pedal with her brake.

The video, which was released by police on Wednesday, shows an SUV travelling west on Bantry Avenue before suddenly speeding into a pole on the northwest corner of the intersection before coming to a stop in front of a house.

“This incident occurred on December 8, 2019, at the intersection of Red Maple Rd / Bantry Ave, Richmond Hill. The driver, in this case, hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, resulting in the collision that you see." Sgt. Andy Pattenden, Corporate Communications, York Regional Police told Narcity.

"We chose to use this today just to get people’s attention on social media and remind them to use extra caution while driving. The driver was charged with one count of Careless Driving and thankfully was not injured.”

Police later stated that the woman had been charged with careless driving.

Unfortunately, careless and negligent drivers, like the one involved in this accident, often struggled to make it through the winter season without incident.

Back in November, Ontario Provincial Police warned drivers to ensure that their tires were secured following an incident on Highway 407 in which a delivery truck's wheels flew off and bounced into oncoming traffic.

Thankfully, the driver was not seriously injured in the incident. However, one motorist veered off into a ditch, and a second vehicle was struck by the tire, resulting in minor damage.

A similar incident involving an SUV on Highway 400 resulted in a Bradford driver being charged with detached parts.

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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