One Toronto neighbourhood was gripped by a dramatic rescue on February 27. People heading to work in the early hours sparked a Toronto Hydro cat rescue after a feline found itself stuck up a telephone pole, waiting to get some help. Hydro Cat, as Twitter has obviously named the kitty, is now safe and under Toronto Animal Services care.

Residents in the area of Dufferin and Bloor noticed the defenceless kitty at around 8 a.m. Quite how it had got itself into such a compromising spot is unclear, but it took Toronto Fire, Toronto Hydro, and 311 Toronto to help bring it down.

News crews and people in the area gathered as they waited for help to arrive and, no kitten, it all made for some action-movie-worthy tension.

Global News reporter Catherine McDonald was one person present at the scene, and her Twitter thread recounts the drama as the rescue operation began.

Toronto Hydro's arrival was captured on film and it was that organization that was ultimately able to successfully save the black-and-white cat from a potentially dangerous fall.

"The cat is now [in] good hands. S/he’s being taken to the veterinarian by @TOAnimalService and may be up for adoption soon," said McDonald in a tweet as the saga came to a furry satisfying conclusion.

"And it turns out #hydrocat wasn’t up a hydro pole after all. Apparently it’s either a Bell or Rogers pole!!"

According to Global News, Toronto Hydro arrived just shortly after 11:30 a.m. and managed to grab the cat in seconds.

Long before that point, though, social media had blown up with concerns about #HydroCat's safety.

The mission was so electrifying that it even captured the attention of Toronto's mayor.

John Tory called it a "purr-fect" ending to a rescue story and made sure to thank Toronto Hydro for their efforts.

Some people on Twitter were so into the story that one person is even already looking to get their hands on some #HydroCat merch to commemorate the spectacle.

Joke or not, we'll take two, to be honest.

There's no indication of where the cat came from, although it looks suspiciously similar to one this writer has regularly seen wandering the Brockton Village area of Toronto and hanging out in back yards.

Perhaps it was feeling more adventurous than usual this week?

Thankfully, whoever #HydroCat may really be, they're now on their way to be evaluated by a vet and will be able to be up for adoption soon.

Anyway, its daring expedition certainly had Toronto hooked for a while there.

This cover photo has been used for illustrative purposes only.

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