We all know in the past that things like restaurants and schools used to be segregated by race. It was a dark time in the world's history.

Now, it’s illegal to refuse to serve someone simply for the colour of their skin, or where they were born.

But, a man from Toronto claims that’s exactly what happened to him when he tried to buy a hot dog on the street recently.

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In a post on Reddit, a man who identifies himself as an ethnically Chinese person who was born in Toronto, says he and his girlfriend went out to grab hot dogs from a street vendor for dinner.

At first, everything went how you’d expect. He and his girlfriend purchased hot dogs from one vendor no problem, according to the post.

But,  things took a turn for the worst when he says he approached another vendor at the corner of Front Street and Blue Jays Way looking for a second hot dog. 

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The vendor asked him where he was from, the man replied that he was from Toronto. The man says he was shocked by what he describes in the post as, "low-key racism."

He was then told to, "go to Spadina,” by the vendor, who said "you can get a big plate in Chinatown for $5."

"So do you want to sell me a sausage, or no? I've got 4 more bucks, and I'm happy to buy one. I just want to know what your prices are," the man says he told the vendor, somehow keeping his cool. 

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"No. Just go," is what he was told in reply.

This appears to be the latest in a string of shocking racist incidents in Toronto, including a man who was caught on video making racist threats at a family.

That man was later arrested and charged.  

People in the comments on the Reddit post are urging the man to report the vendor to the police. 

"Nothin low-key bout that racism homey. Lodge a complaint," writes one person.  

"I'd suggest you lodge a complaint. He shouldn't get away with that kind of behaviour," says another.  

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Other people say they know the vendor that is referenced in the post and have had similar experiences. 

"Have lived on Blue Jays for about 4 years now and can second this. The older man (usually has his son with him earlier in the day) that sets up in front of Rabba is not where you wanna grab your street meat from," writes one person.   

"You're absolutely correct, that guy who sets up in front of Rabba's behaves a bit prickly towards customers," says another. 

The writer of the original post doesn't reveal whether he has filed a complaint or reported the issue to police for further investigation.

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