At one point in your career, you may have had a co-worker or two you didn’t like. You may cope by gossiping about them, ignoring them, and secretly hoping they don't get that promotion. 

But really, you just learn to avoid interacting with them as much as possible. But, one Ontario man had an issue with a co-worker that simply couldn’t be fixed or ignored.

So, he allegedly tried to kill them with poison. At work. In front of everyone. 

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The alleged incident took place at a BMW dealership in Toronto yesterday. 

One man apparently tried to murder someone he worked with by pouring some engine coolant into his co-workers drink.

When the man’s co-worker took a sip of the drink, they apparently knew something was wrong with it right away.

The co-worker had management review security tapes, which allegedly showed the man pouring the coolant into the drink. 

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The victim of the alleged attempted poisoning was not treated for any injuries due to the incident.

Police were called to the scene and arrested the man who allegedly tried to kill his own co-worker by poisoning.

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He has been charged with administering a noxious substance.

Police are also looking for a second suspect in the case, it’s unclear how they are connected to the alleged poisoning though. 

Source: 680 News

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