In a news release issued yesterday, police confirmed that a Toronto mother and her two young kids are now missing. 29-year-old Sadaf Rassoli and her two children, Arman who is nine and Eman who is only three, haven't been seen since December 24th, 2018. Weeks later, police are now appealing to the public for help. 

The mother, Sadaf, is approximately 5'7" with a medium build. She has brown eyes and wears either a black or a blue hijab. Her sons both have black hair, brown eyes, and a slim build. Arman is 4' tall and Eman is only 3' tall. All three were last seen around Queen and Parliament, back in December. 

In their release, Toronto Police also reveal that they are worried about the well-being of the three missing people, but do not provide many details of the case. The case has also been picked up by numerous online boards for missing people in Canada, encouraging anyone who knows anything to call the police. 

What hasn't been done in this case is issuing an Amber Alert. Despite the fact that two of the people missing are children, Toronto Police have not issued an Amber Alert because there is actually really strict criteria in order to do that. 

Via Toronto Police / Missing People In Canada

According to the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, Amber Alerts are only used in the most serious and dangerous child abduction cases when time is of the essence. They are also rarely issued because there are specific criteria for doing so, which vary by province. 

In Ontario, Amber Alerts should only be issued when the person missing is under 18 years old, the police must be able to confirm that the child was abducted, they must have sufficient information to help identify the child. They must also believe that the child is in imminent danger and that an alert will help find them. 

In this case of the Toronto mother and her two young kids who are missing, an Amber Alert hasn't been issued because police have not confirmed that they were abducted. Since it has already been a few weeks, this may indicate that the case isn't as time-sensitive or they aren't in imminent danger. 

This doesn't mean that their case is any less serious, however. Toronto Police have still stated that they are concerned for the well-being of the Rassolis and are still asking the public to help locate them. 

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Toronto Police ask anyone who may know the whereabouts or have information about the case to call them immediately or leave a tip online or through the CrimeStoppers mobile app. 

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