There have been numerous cases of sexual abuse within the church for years. Anyone who has seen the Oscar winning movie Spotlight will have a good understanding of this. 

Well one of those cases just wrapped up in Toronto against a former pastor in the city. 

Toronto pastor Wayne Jones has been sentenced to 8 and a half years in jail for sex crimes he committed against members of his church.  

Via Toronto Police Services

Jones was sentenced for sexually assaulting 3 members of his church as well as other crimes. 

“Mr. Jones used and abused his position as pastor,” Superior Court Justice Suhail Akhtar wrote in his ruling. 

On top of 3 counts of sexual assault Jones was sentenced for two counts of administering a noxious substance, one count of aggravated assault, along with theft and fraud.   

Jones was the pastor at Mt. Ararat Spiritual Baptist Church.

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Some of his victims say that he extorted sex from them as part of what he said was a purifying ritual, to purge them of evil spirits, as a rite of exorcism.

“The peace, harmony, and love that Mr. Jones should have been spreading by example through his elevated status, was instead replaced by a narcissistic, selfish poison fuelled by his desire for sex and the enjoyment of power and control,” Akhtar wrote. 

The judge added that he had “no doubt that the offences have left lifelong psychological scars on the victims.”  

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Jones continues to deny that he committed any of the crimes at all. 

On top of his prison sentence he has also been ordered to repay one of his victims $35,000 

Source: Toronto Star

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