Toronto and raccoons, the true love story. In what may be the most perfect collision of 6ix culture that we've seen in a while, a Toronto raccoon has gotten itself stuck on the top of a downtown crane located on a construction site. No crane, no gain.

The situation was live-tweeted by CP24 reporter Kris Pangilinan on Monday morning, August 10.

Soon, it seemed the entire internet was following the drama as the crane was still in motion and the little guy was hanging on for dear life! 

“This is Prime Toronto right here. Cranes meet trash pandas,” Pangilinan wrote.

He's not wrong. Toronto's relationship with raccoons is old and storied.

Meanwhile, just last week, a second crane collapsed in downtown Toronto in the space of a few weeks, blocking an entire intersection. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Back to Monday, and Toronto Twitter user Nat Cooper caught the dramatic moment on video, which she noted happened near Adelaide and Peter streets, and she shared it on her social media.

The raccoon can be seen climbing higher and higher up the crane until it eventually reaches the top. It's a pretty impressive effort, if we may say so.

Many are calling out over social media for the city to rescue this furry friend.

The raccoon certainly picked a taxing day to make its highly-publicized climb, as Toronto is baking hot today.

One social media user agrees that this combination couldn’t get any more Toronto. 

And another tweeter also noted the clash of Toronto cultures, wondering if the creature just got lost on his way to check on the crane operator. 

According to Global News' Simon Ostler, a raccoon hasn't garnered this much attention such this viral photo was captured in 2015 of a raccoon hanging out on a crane. 

We wonder if this raccoon will find his own lasting social media stardom, like Dive Bomber Dave, the angry blackbird who's hit the big time on TikTok?

Whatever happens, this little guy provided Toronto with some action-movie drama on Monday. We hope he makes it down safely.

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