Thanks to Drake, Toronto's rap community has been getting more and more attention in the music world. Unfortunately, one Brampton rapper has made headlines in a different way and it has shocked Torontonians. This story, once again exposes just a small piece of the human trafficking crisis that is often hidden from most Canadians.

Rapper "K Money," whose actual name is Kareemallah Muhammad is facing a whopping 31 charges shared with two other men regarding a human trafficking case. The charges surround both the confinement and exploitation of two teenage girls back in November.

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The case details the events following an 18-year-old female victim who was coerced into the sex trade last November through sexual assault and threats made to hurt her family if she did not cooperate. The victim thankfully escaped and was able to contact police.

The 18-year-old wasn't the only victim, as there was another girl, aged 17 who was specifically exploited by "K Money" that same night. The case details that he allegedly assaulted, confined and raped her. The rapper is well known for his song "Come Outside" which has garnered over 3 million views on YouTube - which, I'll save you from giving it a view, it's god awful.

When the police got to the first two men in December behind the ring, Deion Cuvilie, 21, and Kristos Shepard, 19, they were arrested. It was then that they made the connection that "K Money" was also involved and the second victim was revealed. Along with the arrest, police confiscated a loaded rifle, crack cocaine and a grey Nissan Maxima.

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The three men will face a combined 31 charges where 27 are shared between the two other Brampton men while "K Money" will face one count of assault, sexual assault, forcible confinement and failure to comply with probation.

Source: Toronto Star

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