In what police are calling a completely random attack, a Toronto resident was brutally assaulted and victimized in an incredibly violent armed robbery and home invasion. 

The attack happened in September, near Yonge and Eglington in Toronto. Early in the morning at around 7:15 the suspects knocked on the victim's door. They then used guns to force their way in, tied the man up, and began assaulting him and ransacking the house.

The most terrifying thing about the attack is that police say it was a completely random and innocent target. 

Police went on to say that the attack was completely unprovoked and that is their biggest concern in the case. This means it could really happen to anybody, especially in that neighbourhood. 

Fortunately, the police do have some information about the people behind this. Though they were in disguise, dressed as construction workers with dust masks over their faces, the suspects were caught on camera. 

A video released by police shows three suspects canvassing the neighbourhood a week before the home invasion actually happened and also on the day of the attack. The suspects are seen, dressed as construction workers, walking around the neighbourhood and getting into a car. 

The car has been identified by police as a dark blue or grey Nissan Maxima from either 2007 or 2009. Residents are asked to be on the lookout for it or alert police if they know any information about it. 

The suspects have been described as tall, black men in their mid-twenties. Police are not aware of any other home invasions at this time but are asking residents for any information that can help their investigation. 

Source: CP24

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