Every new day comes with its own new set of challenges. Maybe you miss your bus, or in class your teacher announces that there’s a pop quiz and you haven’t been paying attention to what’s been going on in class for the past week.

Things like that suck but they aren’t the end of the world and it happens to everyone. Can you imagine going to school though and suddenly there’s some extremely hot sticky substance stuff falling from the ceiling like some kind of real world horror movie on to you and your classmates?

Because that’s exactly what happened at an elementary school in the North York area of Toronto earlier today.  


The incident occurred at Derrydown Public School. Apparently was being worked on when some of the liquid asphalt they were using somehow managed to slip through some cracks in the schools ceiling before falling into the schools gym, injuring two 8-year-old boys in Grade 3 during their gym class.  

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One of the boys apparently had it fall on his arm, while the other only had it fall near him.

The two boys were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, which seems incredibly lucky considering just how hot freshly poured asphalt is.  

The damage obviously could have been much worse.  

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So think of the worst day of school that you’ve ever had in your life, sure some days have definitely been bad, but the odds are you’ve never had some horror movie scenario come to life in the middle of gym class. 

Source: CBC

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