Toronto has enough going on lately with the crazy floods, TTC delays, and of course the gun violence that continues to shake the city. So with all that going on the last thing we need is crazy drivers making the city streets even more dangerous. 

A video posted online shows a Staples Truck driver almost causing multiple accidents while driving in the city and people are really mad about it. 

@back2schoolexpoembedded via  

The video, which was shared on Reddit, shows the driving running a red light and almost colliding with another vehicle before jumping the curb and almost hitting a pedestrian while running a second red light. 

The wild ride was actually captured by a dash cam on the first vehicle that was cut off by the Staples truck as it turned right on a red light without stopping, which is considered running a red light. 

Now people on Reddit are responding to the video and they have some strong opinions about what should happen to the Staples driver. 

Many believe the video should be sent to police since it would be pretty easy to identify the driver by determining who was on that Staples route at the time the video was captured. Others definitely think the driver should be fired from his job. 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Others on Reddit also have compared this incident to the recent splashing situation in Ottawa, where a driver in a company van was also seen purposely splashing pedestrians and has since been fired. 

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