A Toronto toddler is being praised for her Canadian spirit this morning after a video of the child sweeping the porch of a stranger's house while out for a walk with their guardian went viral.  The city was rocked by chilling high-winds on Friday, which kept many residents trapped inside, making the toddler's determination to help out all the more heartwarming.

In the video, which was captured by a home's surveillance camera, a woman in a red coat can be seen waiting patiently off in the distance as the toddler goes about cleaning the cluttered porch area. 

"It was Friday and very windy around the city of Toronto, so this toddler decided to come up and sweep our porch. I don’t believe we have ever met this child before, but it is probably the cutest thing we have ever caught on our camera. I’m very curious if the kid recently binged Tidying Up on Netflix or if she has always been into cleanliness. Either way, she is welcome anytime," explained the owner of the home in a recent Reddit thread.

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Via Jaimmie | Reddit

Via Jaimmie | Reddit

Other local Redditors were quick to chime in with their own praise of the little one's initiative. "That kid is sparking joy," wrote one user, with another user joking that the homeowner take advantage of her tiny helper, "you should get another broom for her and cut it down to size so it's easier and more effective for her. she gets fun, you get free sweeping. win-win."

Via jaimmie|Reddit

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With the city about to be swept up into another messy week of chilling weather and less than optimal travelling conditions, it does the heart good to see someone so young doing their part to help out. We should all remember to do the same as the weather worsens.


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