When it comes to the holiday season, Canadians are reminded more than ever that if they are choosing to drink at their holiday functions, they shouldn't drive home. Whether that means calling a cab, booking a car through a rideshare app or naming a designated driver, it doesn't matter as long as you aren't impaired behind the wheel. Though, this can become a problem when your way out of driving drunk could possibly involve being driven by someone who has been drinking. Which is what happened when a Toronto Uber driver was caught driving drunk on New Year's Eve by police.

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This was the case over the holiday week spanning between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day. Over the holidays, 22 people were caught driving impaired by the York Regional Police, adding to the 1,650 charges that were laid in impaired driving offences for the year. What was especially concerning though was that one of the 22 people was an Uber driver.

York Regional Police explained the situation in their routine naming and shaming recap of impaired driving offenders. Claiming that the one situation, in particular, went down on New Year's Eve - one of the biggest days that Canadians would be using rideshare apps to avoid getting behind the wheel drunk. 

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Shortly after the ball dropped at midnight, the driver in question was headed down Main Street in Whitechurch-Stoufville where police followed him onto Hoover Park Drive where he veered into a parking lot.

Once approached, police determined that the 55-year-old driver who was from the area had a blood-alcohol concentration of over 80 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood. They then determined that the man had been on his way to pick up an Uber customer. 

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This is more bad news for Uber who has been struggling with the actions of their drivers as of late, due to a lack of surveillance and authority over their drivers. Pairing this incident with the prices on the same night that spiked to astronomical rates that many were calling predatory pricing, it's clear Uber needs to make some serious changes in the new year. 

The situation also serves as a reminder for people who use rideshare apps to always be alert when getting into a vehicle and to remain alert throughout the drive. While it shouldn't be the passenger's responsibility to make sure their driver is capable of offering a safe ride, it's clear that it's necessary these days and it's definitely better to be safe than sorry. 

Source: CBC News 


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