After getting caught in some hot water last week, you would think that the troubles with Airbnb would end at that insane human trafficking scandal, but instead, it seems it's not the only problem the apartment-sharing company is facing. This problem in specific hits close to home considering it happened to a Toronto condo owner who found her own unit on Airbnb, which she didn't list herself.

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It all started when Sanda Jovasevic started leasing her downtown apartment to a tenant back in May 2016. Though Jovasevic started to question her decision after the past year was filled with weird occurrences such as the building contacting her because the front door to her unit was being left wide open as well as numerous noise complaints. Both Jovasevic and her husband soon learned that the tenant had been renting out the apartment on Airbnb- finding out that the condo desk itself had the unit listed as an "Airbnb condo" the whole time.

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Since Airbnb hadn't been discussed in their agreement, technically the tenant didn't do anything "wrong", but imagine finding your unit on Airbnb with 70+ reviews! Jovasevic raised further concerns about the issue as she noted "how many people went through our condo without even knowing us? And what could have happened that we were not aware of?"

If anything the situation proves that in the rapidly accelerating world of apartment-sharing, it's apparent that owners and leasers need to start having a chat about Airbnb before they sign anything. While Airbnb hasn't commented on the matter, it probably has to do with the fact that their hands are pretty tied in situations like these. Whether further verification that you own the apartment or residence you are living in will be required in the future is in debates or not is still unclear but this story definitely will leave a lot of people checking their own address on the website!

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