A lot of places have had a bit tricky time dealing with the ride sharing service Uber. In Toronto taxi drivers held large public protests against letting the company operate in the city.

They claimed that Uber didn't charge enough money to make cabs competitive and was stealing all their business. 

But not everywhere is having the same reaction to Uber. In Ontario there's a town that's using the service to save itself millions and millions of dollars a year.   

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The town of Innisfil is utilizing  Uber in a completely new way. The town decided that its population wasn't big enough for it to pay for a full bus service.

So the town partnered with Uber and is using the ride-sharing service instead of busses.   

The town subsidizes the cost of rides for people with Uber Canada and offers flat rates instead of making people pay based on distance traveled.   

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For example it only costs residents $3 to go to a community centre regardless of where they live.

By investing in Uber and not spending money on public transit the town estimates it is saving over $8 million dollars a year.   

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And so far the project seem to be a big success with commuters as well. Apparently over 3,400 users have completed more than 26,700 trips in the first eight months of the program.

It's doubtful this would work in a big city because the number of people who need to get around makes things like subways and busses necessary. 

But for other small towns spending too much on transit this could be an option. 

Sources: Global, CP24

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