If you’ve ever taken the TTC, you’re likely aware of the delays and mishaps that happen throughout the lines on the daily. From track maintenance to emergency delays, it’s not unusual for your commute through the city to be disrupted in some way. Yet, the TTC still continues to surprise us, as a bus driver who was attempting to enter Warden Subway Station, on the Bloor-Danforth line got the bus completely stuck in a tunnel.

That’s right, posted on Facebook by Curtis Jack and on Reddit by user @u/redkulat, a video shows a TTC bus only a few feet into a tunnel labelled Warden Station and was forced to a stop after it got stuck within the tunnel.  

The video shows part of the bus roof is being crushed under the cement ceiling of the tunnel as the bus was clearly too tall to enter the tunnel. Parts of the bus are seen scattered around the bus after being ripped off after entering.

A sign marks the tunnel warning that the clearance is only 2.9 meters, while the person behind the camera states, “I think you’re taller than 2.9 meters, but you made her fit,”.


One of the videos show firefighters on scene to attempt to deal with the situation, and Reddit users state that a TTC vehicle was blocking access to the tunnel when the bus was being dealt with.

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According to some Reddit users, the area that the bus was seen to enter is for passenger pick up and drop off, and that most buses are seen entering and exiting through a different area of the station.

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Via Reddit

User TTCdriva even states that this is not the first time that this happened, and that other buses have also gotten stuck in the tunnel before.

Via Reddit

 Source: Reddit, Facebook

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