A TTC operator was allegedly caught on film making an announcement asking passengers to complain about a "foul-smelling person" aboard the train. The TTC driver video was shared on social media on January 30. The incident apparently occurred at around 8:30 p.m. after stopping at Spadina Station and the transit agency is investigating. 

According to Twitter user @ungermansears, this happened on a TTC car heading westbound at around 8:30 p.m on Thursday.

Dylan Ungerman Sears, who shared the video, told Narcity that two announcements were made by the operator, but it wasn't until the second speech that the camera started rolling.

"The video is concerning. It is being investigated," said TTC media relations spokesperson Stuart Green in a tweet.

"As a rule, we cannot and would not remove a customer from a train because of how they smell. If operators suspect a person is in distress or if there is a risk to the public, they are directed to contact transit control for instruction."

In the video, some laughter and other reactions can ostensibly be heard.

Ungerman Sears shares that the subway was very full since there had been minor delays previously.

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