Most of the time the TTC is a boring and annoying place to be. From delays to crowded subway cars and smelly stations, it's just not a place you think you would cross something as adorable and charming as many commuters witnessed this past week. Though romance works in mysterious ways doesn't it? Now the city of Toronto is wrapped up in a real-life Cinderella story that boils down to the hunt for a man's #Ossingtonbae.

It all started when these posters were spotted around the subway, detailing a fellow commuter with blonde hair, carrying a book who was waiting at Ossington station, who's now being referred to as #Ossingtonbae.

@pridetorontoembedded via

Naturally, Toronto's Twitterverse blew up in the best way over the matter and have all come together to try and find the mystery man.

As stated in the flyer, if you know of someone who might be the #Ossingtonbae or maybe think it was actually you, you can email your prince charming over at! For now, we'll all just wait anxiously for an update via the next flyer that shows up!

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