Another day, another Ontario university making headlines for something ridiculous. This time, Western University is in the news thanks to one fraternity who was caught openly inviting underage girls to their Halloween party. But, after recent media attention and backlash, the frat in question is now claiming they've been framed. 

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It all started when flyers started appearing across London, Ontario calling for a "Monster Bros & Minimal Clothes" Halloween Party. On the flyer, the event was listed as being a part of Lambda Omega Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta's celebrations for Halloween at Western. The flyer also said, "booze will be provided, bring your own condoms." 

Via CBC News

While the title of the party alone is enough of an excuse to roll your eyes, the main reason for the fuss over the flyer is the admission requirements that are listed at the bottom. There it was advertised that men would need to be 19 or older to enter, 17-year-old females were more than welcome. 

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Western students and other London citizens were quick to respond to the poster. One student, Emily Dissegna, spoke with CBC News and said "[Western] focus[es] all their efforts on stopping students from partying at FOCO and HOCO but they're going to allow a fraternity associated with their school to have a party like this? 'seventeen plus,' 'bring your own condoms?"

While the fraternity has not made themselves available to the media, they did post an open letter on Facebook claiming they had no part in the flyer and that someone is "using [their] name." 

While it's unclear why anybody would be interested in randomly framing a Canadian fraternity, neighbours of the frat house say that its members are lying and that the flyer was 100% real. One neighbour, Marcus Saikaley, told CBC News "They're dead serious. They do this a lot. They have these kinds of parties and stuff like that all the time." 

Western University has yet to formally address the subject or condemn the fraternity, but it's safe to assume "Monster Bros & Minimal Clothes" will definitely not be happening this year.

Source: CBC News 

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