Most people don’t like to deal with the police. It’s usually a high-pressure situation where everyone is on edge.

2 people in York region near Toronto had an encounter with a police officer in York Region that most would find downright baffling though.

A cop pulled down his pants and mooned them, on video. 

@officialyrpembedded via  

In a Reddit post titled “York Cop moons my GF. Glad our tax payer money is doing good work,” the user shows a video of what appears to be a police officer in his car turning around and showing the pair his butt. 

Neither the video or the post on Reddit, gives any context about what exactly led to this completely bizarre exchange.

If you think the pair would be offended by this though you’d be wrong, at the end of the short video the Reddit posters girlfriend can be seen laughing about what just happened.  

Via officialyrp

As one commenter on Reddit put it this may have been the cops “cheeky response to being filmed.”

Whatever the reason for this whole thing it’s easily one of the strangest things that we’ve ever seen a cop do on video. 

The footage is grainy and dark but if you watch it enough or closely enough you can see it.

You can see the video by clicking on the Tweet below. 

Whether you think everyone was just messing around and having some fun or if this is completely inappropriate for a police officer to do -  we can all agree this is one weird exchange.

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