Mayor John Tory did not hold back when asked about Adamson Barbecue at his latest press conference on Wednesday.

Tory was asked about the barbecue's owner, Adam Skelly, after the Toronto Star reported that Adamson Barbecue's original location in Leaside has never owned a business license, despite being open since 2016.

The mayor said the situation was "profoundly frustrating and disappointing," and he said that Skelly's disregard of "the public interest" was similar to that of people who repeatedly text and drive or drink and drive.

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We will do what we need to do to either shut them down or bring them into compliance.

Carleton Grant

"There's only so much you can do with regard to those people," Tory said.

"Most people think about other people; they think about their fellow citizens; they think about public health... there are some that don't."

Carleton Grant, the City’s executive director of municipal licensing and standards, said that Toronto would be looking into the barbecue's multiple locations.

"We will do what we need to do to either shut them down or bring them into compliance," said Grant.

Skelly has been arrested and charged by Toronto police, and he faces fines for opening his restaurant despite lockdown rules.

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