It seems like as soon as we finally dig out of one snowstorm, another one quickly follows, crushing all hope for a gentle finale to the winter season. The Weather Network has confirmed that, after yesterday's record-setting storm in the Toronto area, the city has officially surpassed its yearly average snowfall by a few centimetres. Combined with the neverending extreme cold weather alerts, it's indisputable that this winter really has been that bad.

The TTC alerted commuters that signal problems between Victoria Park and Warden Stations were causing delays. Later, Tammie Sutherland of CityNews confirmed that problems at Warden Station are being caused by ice and snow buildup from yesterday's storm.

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Delays seem to be coming at us from all sides this morning. Not only are signal problems causing delays, but now a "disruptive customer" has been thrown into the mix as well:

Meanwhile, delays are also plaguing the Yonge-University Line. Several commuters are starting to share photos of the growing congestion at St. Clair West, as multiple full trains continue to pass them by. "Two trains in a row that we are waiting 7 minutes at St Clair West Station during rush hour," one person wrote at just after 7:30 AM.

"TTC subways were so backed up today that you could feel the aggression. Not a good look, people," wrote another transit rider. And we're sure that it's no exaggeration, based on the photos and complaints flooding social media right now:

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As commuters are well aware by now, extreme cold weather also tends to impact TTC service. But, even after going through it several times this winter, it never gets any easier for Toronto transit riders to deal with.

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