Travelling can be stressful, especially when you have special requirements that need to be met. Delia Marniceu, an Air Transat passenger, has reportedly been stuck in Toronto for three days after her and her support dog, Oscar were denied boarding a return flight to London. Marinceu, a cancer survivor who suffers from PTSD and anxiety, claims the airline refused to allow her support animal to board the trip.

Global News reported that Marniceu had been informed by the airline that she would not be able to board her flight due to an incident where Oscar had attempted to bite an Air Transat flight director.

However, the 36-year-old is now claiming that the report is “a blatant lie.”

The passenger told Global that when the flight director came to pet her dog, Oscar was seen barking. 

When she explained to the staff that her service dog shouldn't be touched while on duty, she claims that the airline's staff stated he was, "too big and too noisy to come on the plane."

“I am young, and I understand I don’t have a visible disability, but (Oscar) does have a purpose. He isn’t there just for fun,” she told the media outlet, before referencing the dog’s specialized training.

“He is prepped and trained for this. He isn’t a random dog."

However, Air Transat told Narcity that Marniceu’s claims are not representative of the situation.

The airline insisted that the "legitimacy or validity of the dog’s training and presence as an emotional support animal" were never an issue.

Instead, the airline told Narcity that it “offers an extensive program for assistance dogs and is pleased to welcome on board emotional support and certified service animals that are travelling with a person with a disability.” 

“Unfortunately, the dog’s behavior was considered neither satisfactory nor safe by our staff. Reports from our ground boarding supervisor, flight director, and captain confirm they observed the animal’s inappropriate behaviour (jumping, barking, growling, attempting to bite, not obeying commands, etc.), and they approached the passenger before the inbound flight to discuss the situation," the statement read. 

"We insist on the fact that the decision to deny boarding was solely based on the dog’s behaviour.”

The airline also told Narcity that various alternatives were given to the passenger. 

It is uncertain at the moment, when or how the issue will be resolved. However, Air Transat has recommended Marinceu file a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency.

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