As Game 2 of the NBA finals kicks off, both the Raptors and the Golden State Warriors are stepping up their game when it comes to national anthems. Both teams pulled in some of the hottest singers of their countries to sing the national anthems tonight. Fantasia opened up the night with the American National Anthem, while Alessia Cara followed directly after with 'O Canada'. Now, fans are taking to Twitter to debate who sang it better, and Alessia Cara seems to have the winning vote. 

Winner of the third season of American Idol, Fantasia opened the night with her rendition of the American national anthem. This American R&B singer is most known for her debut single "I Believe" which debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Meanwhile Brampton's very own Alessia Cara supported her home team, the Raptors tonight by singing 'O Canada' directly after Fantasia. Alessia Cara can be considered one of Canada's best, being the first Canadian artist to ever win the Grammy Award for the 'Best New Artist'. Cara has also won two Juno awards. 

After both singers took to the court to sing their own national anthems, Twitter exploded with which singer was the best. Of course, Canadians are dominating Twitter to talk about just how great their local singer Cara really is. Even some of the US fans had to agree. 

One fan even posted a poll to decide who sang the anthem better tonight, and so far, Alessia Cara seems to be winning by a landslide. 

Of course, other fans also seemed to favor with Fantasia and how she sang the American national anthem tonight. Many comments from Fantasia fans throw shade at the fact that Alessia Cara had to perform after the superstar. Some also poke fun at how Cara allowed the fans to sing part of the anthem, while Cara fans state that this is what made it so much better. 

In the end, both singers did an amazing job representing their countries during the NBA finals. The real winner of the night has yet to be decided however as Raptors and Golden State continue to go head to head. 

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