Canada made history by legalizing marijuana yesterday, which Prime Minister Trudeau announced will be on the market as of October 17 of 2018. Adults will be able to consume the substance and be able to keep up to 30 grams in their possession. 

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Now Canada's neighbours in the U.S.A. are already planning when to head up North to visit. Though it's not quite yet for sale, one American took to Reddit to see what would happen if they were to "partake in the marijuana." 

Via Reddit

Some states in the U.S. actually have legalized marijuana, like Colorado and California. For states closer to the Canadian border, it makes sense as to why they would want to avoid a cross-country trip. 

The poster also was stressed about travelling back into their home country after potentially spending a weekend in Toronto and enjoying some of the legal cannabis. There was also the stress of not being white.

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Users were quick to point out that travelling to Canada now would be pointless as the sale does not start until the fall. It was also mentioned that unless you were bringing marijuana with you back to the U.S. there would be no reason to be pulled over. 

Some people explained that if you're questioned it is quite easy to lie, even if you had tried some marijuana products. 

Via Reddit

Of course, one Canadian stepped up and gave a really good rundown on how the operation will work with the American border. They also encouraged the poster to come and check out the amazing fall colours in Canada. 

Via Reddit

With the relations between Canada and America turning sour, it's nice to see that our neighbours are taking an interest in our policies. It may be working for their benefit, but it's stimulating our economy.

Source: Reddit

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