Well, this is nightmare-inducing. A man on an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Montreal filmed a video of an apparent crack in his window. The clip has gone viral after he shared it on his TikTok account.

20-year-old Karl Haddad immediately alerted the flight attendant, who assured him that it was just an inside layer of the window.

[I had] a mini heart attack for about 10 minutes.

Buzzfeed News

Haddad was able to poke the crack in the window and visibly see it move, which is pretty terrifying. He did this to demonstrate the damage to the flight attendant.

Haddad was on the last leg of a 27-hour trip from Lebanon.

The plane landed at Montreal-Trudeau airport, and Haddad could not confirm whether the descent was initiated early due to the cracked window.

Air Canada reportedly said the broken mechanism of the window was "not a critical structural part."

Via Buzzfeed News
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