An American man from New York City made a desperate bid for freedom recently by trying to swim to Canada to escape the law.

He was on the run from the authorities for 2 full days before being caught trying to illegally swim across the Canadian-American border.

Why would he go to such lengths to avoid capture? Because he allegedly cut off his pregnant wife’s arm. 

Last Thursday police were called to 38-year-old Yong Lu’s home and found his pregnant wife with her right arm cut off, as well as two fingers missing from her left hand.

She was rushed to the hospital where her arm was miraculously reattached, the fingers could not be though. The unborn child was unharmed in the incident.

Police say they believe Lu did this to his wife using a steak knife.

Lu had already fled the scene,  he then purchased a lifejacket from Walmart and made his way to Niagara Falls.

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His alleged plan was to avoid authorities by swimming across the border to Canada near the falls.

The plan didn’t work out for Lu though as he was caught on Saturday at the Niagara Falls Welcome Center on the American side of the border by Regional Fugitive Task Force officers who recognized him.

Lu has now been transported back to Brooklyn, where police have charged him with attempted murder. 

Source: Time

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