After an uncharacteristically mild start to the winter season, frigid temperatures are finally beginning to sweep across the GTA and southern Ontario. A cold weather warning has been issued for the Toronto area - today's high will hover at just -6°C, feeling like -15°C with the windchill. Sadly, it looks like the extreme frost is here to stay - at least, for the next several days.

Friday morning is slated to be much colder, at -15°C and feeling like -24°C. Environment Canada says that the sub-zero temperatures will remain steady throughout the weekend. According to The Weather Network's current 7-day forecast, the city won't see positive digits until next Tuesday. Tuesday's forecast sits at 1°C,  feeling like -3°C.

Thankfully, no snowfall is indicated in Toronto's forecast over the next 7 days. The city will see less than 1 cm of snow on Wednesday the 16th. The forecast shows mainly sunny skies, but it's safe to say that the springlike weather the city has seen recently isn't making a comeback any time soon.

Here's a look at the forecast for Toronto, provided by The Weather Network:


The City of Toronto issued the cold weather alert this morning. According to their statement, The Medical Officer of Health issues a warning when temperatures dip to -15°C or colder.  Anyone heading outside today and Friday should prepare by dressing in layers, a hat, warm mittens or gloves, and warm boots. 

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The city's statement encourages the public to "seek shelter" and "check on loved ones" to ensure safety.

A warming centre at Metro Hall will open tonight at 7:00 PM for those in need of a warm place to stay.  The city has also opened a number of 24-hour respite centres that provide warm meals and a place to rest to those in need this winter.


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