An eyewear company in the U.S with a popular store in Toronto has decided to close its doors here for good.

'SEE Eyewear' is just the latest store to close down in the country in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The store even had dreams to expand up North, according to Retail Insider.

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We're sad to leave Yorkville... We hope to See you again soon! 

SEE Eyewear

The chain wanted to set up shop in Canada and successfully did so with its Toronto location at 153 Cumberland Street in Toronto’s Yorkville back in 2017.

However, its vision to expand to major cities such as Vancouver and Montreal reportedly fell flat.

The store will still be available to Canadians via its online platform, the brand told customers with a sign posted outside of its only location.

"We're sad to leave Yorkville, but you can still visit us... for your eyewear needs. We hope to See you again soon!" it read.  

As it stands, the company has 43 stores in the U.S but has not grown as much in the last three years, according to the report.

The company 'SEE', was founded in 1997 by an 'optical pioneer' Richard Golden who wanted to produce affordable yet fashionable options for people.

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