Any vegan can tell you that there's no such thing as too many vegan places - especially ridiculously good ones. Virtuous Pie, an uber popular Vancouver/Portland vegan-pizza place, has just announced they're coming to Toronto in January 2018. 

via @virtuous_pie

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Virtuous Pie isn't just for vegans. Meat and cheese lovers won't be able to tell the different between their plant-based "meat" toppings, like chipotle crumble or chorizo meatballs. Their dairy-free nut cheeses are just as chewy and delicious as the real deal, making this the perfect place for anyone to grab a slice. 

via @virtuous_pie

And they don't stop at just pizza. Virtuous Pie is also famous for their amazing dairy-free ice creams with incredibly yummy flavours like Coffee and Donuts & Charcoal Banana Coconut. The spot also serves vegan sandwiches, vegan brunch and of course - salads. 

via @virtuous_pie

The popular Vancouver shop will be calling 611 College St. home as early as January 2018, but excited vegans can still grab a sneak peak of their menu at Vegan Food and Drink Fest August 19th. 

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