While IMAX and VIP movie theatres are the norm these days, it looks like the movie theatre experience in Toronto is about to get a whole lot bigger.

It's just been announced that Toronto's very own Scotiabank Theatre will open Canada's first-ever IMAX VR Centre, as part of the strengthened partnership between IMAX and Cineplex.

Scotiabank Theatre's existing box office will be relocated to the upper level to make way for a new VR gaming hub. The new VR centre will combine premium technology and world-class content that lets users see, feel, move and play in new worlds in a powerfully immersive and realistic way.

With groundbreaking VR headset technology, 360-degree sound and sophisticated room tracking, players will be instantly transported into new interactive virtual worlds that are more realistic than anything imaginable.

The VR Centre has been designed to feature pods that allow multiple theatre goers the chance to enjoy highly interactive VR experiences in an extremely social environment.

Source: Business Insider

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