With spring’s official start just a day away, it’s hard not reflect on what a brutal winter this has been in Ontario. Snowstorms, transit delays, whipping winds, freezing rain, more transit delays, Ontarians have seen it all. We've definitely had a rough go of it here in Toronto, but compared to other parts of the province, we've been coasting. 

Ottawa Public Health jokingly tweeted that they had to warn residents about frostbite 304 times this winter, even though that's impossible! Temperatures dropped so low and frequently in Ottawa that the city issued approximately 25 frostbite advisories this winter. Which certainly justifies Ottawa's unofficial award for having the worst winter of all time this year

A senior climatologist at Environment Canada jokingly, but not jokingly, recently awarded Ottawa the gold medal for “winter misery”. Which is sort of like receiving a Razzie - it's an award, but not one you particularly want. 

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Thankfully, Canadian blood runs deep in Ottawa, and the residents of our capital have managed to take their brutal winters with a grain of salt. Well actually it’s so icy there it’s probably more than a grain, they probably take the whole thing with hundreds of truckloads of salt.

The lighthearted vibes could be felt on social media throughout the bone-chilling season:

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Despite the fact that it’s sometimes unbearably freezing during the winter months, Ottawa is a beautiful place to visit during the winter. Highly recommend checking out the market sometime and skating on the canal - it’s a Canadian dream.

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