We all know what happens when you go to jail, you stay there until your time is up. That’s why no one wants to go to jail ever.

But one Ontario cop caught a break after being sent to jail because another police officer allegedly decided to just let him leave.

Now, obviously, this isn’t fair to the rest of the inmates and why that cop was in jail in the first place is a wild story. 

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The cop who was arrested was allegedly caught up in a prostitution sting that the police in London Ontario had set up to catch men buying sex from women.

When the now former supervisor of the human trafficking unit, Sgt. Michael Hay, realized he’d also caught a police officer in the sting, he allegedly let him go and tried to cover the whole thing up. 

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Hay, an 18-year veteran of the police force is now being accused of letting the suspect go unconditionally and of not following the proper procedure when it comes to investigating fellow officers.

Court documents filed yesterday state that by releasing the police officer unconditionally Hay, “provided preferential treatment to him simply because he was a police officer.” 

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He is now charged with discreditable conduct, neglect of duty and insubordination because of his alleged actions.

None of the claims made against Hay have been proven in court yet.

The case returns for its next hearing on Aug. 8. 

Source: National Post

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