If you're looking for a way to warm up in the brutal Canadian winter right now, this story will definitely warm your heart. An Ontario police officer gave a woman a ride home because it was so cold outside and the whole encounter was recorded on video. Faith in humanity is restored. 

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A London Police Service officer was captured on video helping and giving a ride to a woman who was walking outside holding her groceries, during harsh winter weather conditions in Ontario. The footage has now gone completely viral on Twitter

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Daniela posted the video of the sweet encounter onto Twitter on January 27th. She told Narcity that she saw the incident take place in London, Ontario on Wellington at Grand Avenue two days ago on Sunday, January 27th. 

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Check out the viral video for yourself below, which was posted to Twitter

"Kudos to this @lpsmediaoffice officer, who saw this woman walking on the street with her groceries - because the sidewalk was full of snow - with the temperature at -10 C and decided to give her a ride home," wrote Daniela in the accompanying caption. 

According to the historical forecast by Environment Canada, temperatures in London, Ontario were around -11 degrees Celsius on the afternoon of January 27.

Since being posted on Twitter, the video has received widespread attention and gone viral. It currently has over 72,000 views, as well as 3,300 likes and hundreds of retweets. 

Many people are praising the Canadian officer for his act of kindness. Check out what people have had to say. 

The winter weather has been particularly harsh in Ontario this year, so it's heartwarming to see one Canadian helping out another to face the brutal winter. London, Ontario is currently under an extreme cold weather warning today, according to The Weather Network. Conditions are not expected to improve until Friday. 

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