It's terrible to have your vehicle stolen in general but it's even worse when it's stolen by complete accident. The true but strange incident played out in the city of Cornwall, Ontario recently, about an hour away from Montreal, Quebec. 

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An elderly woman confused her rental with the man's car in a parking lot and stole the vehicle it for two whole weeks. The victim even rented a car from the same rental agency as the thief!

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The woman accidentally stole his car after driving to Walmart right after picking up her rental Nissan Sentra from the local Enterprise Rental Car. She mistook the mans 2015 Infiniti QX50 as her car after doing her shopping and drove off. 

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Neither of the cars required keys to start the engine instead using key fobs, which the owner left in the vehicle. The photos above also show how the cars aren't exactly the same but both black and similar! 

The woman took not only the car, she also managed to take the golf clubs that the owner had been storing in the back. She also said there were papers in the glove compartment and a dirty ashtray, but it still wasn't enough to tip her off. 

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Upon returning the car the woman explained her frustrations with the car rental agency. They even tried to explain that the model she was trying to return wasn't on file but she apparently did not want to hear it. 

It took the manager of the branch driving her to the Walmart parking lot where her rental sat for her to see the accidental thief. After they realized what had happened, the first thing they did was call the police. 

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There were no official charges so this story has a happy ending. Constable Tommy MacKay who dealt with the incident said the man who owned the stolen Infiniti had a good laugh about it and the woman who stole it was embarrassed. 

Cover image used for illustrative purposes only. 

Source: CBC

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